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Why is my dog licking me?

Dogs have various reasons for licking their owners, and it can indicate different things depending on the context. Here are some possible reasons:

dog licking
dog licking
  1. Affection and bonding: Dogs often lick their owners as a way to show love and affection. Licking can be a form of communication and a way for them to strengthen the bond with their human companions.
  2. Seeking attention: Dogs may lick their owners to gain attention or to get a desired response. If you respond positively to your dog’s licking behavior, such as petting or talking to them, they may continue doing it to seek attention.
  3. Tasting and exploring: Licking is one of the ways dogs explore their environment. They have a keen sense of smell, and licking can help them gather information about you, including the taste of your skin, the scent you carry, or any residues on your body.
  4. Stress relief: Licking can be a self-soothing behavior for dogs, helping them to relieve stress or anxiety. If your dog is feeling uneasy or anxious, they may turn to licking as a coping mechanism.
  5. Medical issues: In some cases, excessive licking can be a sign of an underlying medical issue. Dogs may lick certain areas due to skin irritation, allergies, pain, or discomfort. If you notice persistent and excessive licking, it’s advisable to consult a veterinarian to rule out any health concerns.

Why is my dog licking me?

Why is my dog licking me? It is a common question that is asked by most dog parents. Many dogs spend a lot of time licking the furniture, carpets, and the owners. This article will share all the factors that persuade dogs of such behavior and the ways to counter the habit of licking dogs. It is a normal routine life of many owners that their dogs greet them at the front door of their house upon their arrival and lick them a lot. Some dog parents appreciate their dogs in showing a warm welcome and loving behavior.

However, not all owners are the same. Some become highly frustrated if their dog licks them a lot. Below are some reasons to help you understand why dogs lick so much.


Humans Taste Good To Dogs

One of the primary reasons for licking is the taste; dogs love to lick us because they like the taste of our skin. Sometimes, our hands had an aroma of cooking materials when we left the kitchen. For instance, microscopic particles of onion, garlic, and other eatables stick to our hands which are liked by dogs, so they begin to lick our hands.

In addition, the smell and taste of fantastic coconut body lotion attract the dogs, and they start to lick our faces and other body parts. Moreover, it is not always the taste of some other items. Human sweat is mainly salty and has a pleasing flavor for dogs’ tongues.

But remember that if you have applied any moisturizer, its ingredients may be harmful to your dog to lick, so it is better to discourage the dog once you have applied the body lotion.

Stress, boredom, anxiety

Dogs are pets that can catch stress in various conditions, and stress will result in abnormal behaviors. If you find that your dog is constantly licking objects, people and other household items, it may indicate that it is suffering from stress, boredom or anxiety.

In addition, a couple of times, you might notice that a dog only licks you when they are anxious. For instance, dog licks their owners during a loud bang or a thunderstorm. While we often do not know why the dogs are licking us, they just lick since they are near us.

Licking is a normal activity for dogs and their grooming behaviors. Dogs feel calm and relaxed when they lick each other and their owners. Humans take some deep breaths to calm down. Similarly, dogs do the licking activity, a counterpart of human breathing.

If you provide some quality entertainment to the dogs, it will help in reducing the stress and boredom in dogs. Many dog puzzle toys will help reduce stress, boredom and anxiety.

In addition, these toys also help dogs to exhibit their constant and repetitive licking behaviors to an appropriate toy. You can also play some games with your dogs so that they might not suffer from anxiety and boredom.

Canine dementia

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction CCD or canine dementia is a condition in which a dog adopts certain repetitive behaviors, including licking humans and their owners. In elder dogs, CCD is quite common. So if your canine is older and licking your hands and feet, it may become the victim of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction.

Some other changes associated with this type of behavior include changes in sleeping and awakening patterns, dogs becoming forgetful, they do not know where to piss and poop, and a lot of anxiety. If you provide them proper treatment, you can resolve many issues, including the CCD.

May Be Its Your Training

Dogs are creatures that are gifted with quick learning abilities. If you give them anything, they will consider it a reward. There might be a chance when you kiss your dog upon its good behavior or action. Now the dog has memorized your action, and it starts licking you as well.

In addition, if the dog licked you and you appreciated it with a stroke of your hand, now it is firm in the dog’s memory that licking is awarded by its owner. Some dogs keep doing this behavior even if you ask them to stop. Because they just want to grab your attention.

The best way to stop the licking behavior in your dog is to ignore it completely. If you notice and try to stop them, it will encourage them that you are taking attention, and they will not give u their habit.

However, if you ignore them and your dog knows that licking causes you to move away from them, they will stop the act. But remember that you have to praise your dog when it is sitting around you and not licking you.

A Sign Of Affection

Dogs get a flood of positive emotions when they lick. Dogs will lick their mothers’ mouths and be licked by their mothers as puppies. Even as they age, they might still feel comfortable. As a sign of respect, it can also be done by licking you.

The Dogs May Need Some Information

Licking is a way of communication in dogs; dogs lick other dogs’ faces when they want to transfer some information to each other. This licking behavior is generally something that a puppy does to its elders.

When a puppy licks its mother, asking for milk can be the reason. Similarly, the puppy licks elder dogs because it wants to get the approval of something. In other words, licking a puppy by an elder dog means that the pup is ready to accept and will happily work under the command of a senior dog.

In addition, many pets still do not know the exact reason for licking. In the case of young dogs, we can believe that the dog wants to get some food from you or some sort of permission.


The five reasons your dog might be licking you have been mentioned, but it might be challenging to identify the exact cause. Even while licking isn’t always bad, there is a chance that a dog’s mouth could infect family people because it is a dirty area. Therefore, whenever possible, try to prevent your dog from licking people.



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