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The Best Way To Keep Your Cat Healthy & Kitty Cure

The Best Way To Keep Your Cat Healthy & Kitty Cure

Keeping your cat healthy is easier than you think. According to the National Cat Council, kittens don’t develop full-blown cataracts until they’re around four years old. The best way to keep your cat healthy is to let her run wild for as long as possible. There are a number of ways that you can do this, from keeping your indoor litter box clean to giving your cat cut fines or pet care tips for caring for a cat hillside home. Here are the top 10 ideas for keeping your cat healthy and getting the most out of her.

Keep Your Cat Coily

When your cat is a little younger, she’ll mostly do what she’s told, but when she’s a bit older, she’ll start to get a little curious. Generally, this is a sign that she’s getting ready to make a move. If you don’t mind sharing your space with this cat, you can keep her coily for as long as you like. Over time, you can develop a healthy respect for your cat’s free will and the fact that she may want to do what she wants in the here and now, but also needs to be continent.

Get Your Fence Messed Up

This one is for the more experienced cat owners. When your cat is a little older, you’ll start to notice the scratchy vibrations that her paws create on the fence post. This scratch is a clear indication that she’s ready to run free. Your cat’s scratches are actually a good sign that she’s energetic and interested in what she’s doing. If you keep your fence groomed, your old cat will definitely enjoy it.

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Wash Your Hair

Washing your hair is another one of those “if you do it once, you’ll do it forever” statements. But if you do it once a week, you’ll definitely keep your hair clean and healthy. Wash your hair is also a great way to get rid of dead skin and other items that can stick around from too often getting in your hair. In fact, a weekly deep washing of your hair can help eliminate as much as 50 percent of your owned gnomes. Washing your hair is one of the best ways to get rid of tangles.

Toss Out The Dead Things

This one has to be the top way to keep your cat healthy. Whether it’s an abandoned tortoise or a dead bird on the wall, toss those things out. This is a no-brainer for both your health and the environment. In fact, a dead thing can pollute your water, air, and soil for years to come. Even if you catch and catch only a few flies, they’ve still got a big problem on their hands. Tossing things away is a quick and easy way to keep the bugs and other creatures from getting in your cat’s cozy.

Play Clean With A Vent

Venting is an easy way to keep your cats happy, healthy, and free of stress. If you’re one who loves to play a lot, you may be one of the few people who keep their indoor cats happily curl-free in the lounge. But if you don’t mind a little privacy, venting in the lounge is a great way to get your indoor cat to play with others. It’s not only a bonding opportunity for your indoor friends, but it’s also a great way to keep your indoor cat clean and happy.

Give Your Cat A Finesse Touch

Finesse is a wonderful thing. A feline’s feline has it in spades. The most amazing thing about feline behavior is how fluid it is. You can tell a very feline cat to sit down and do nothing else, and she’ll do it with grace and ease. You can tell a super-feline cat to sit still, and she’ll purr with frustration and determination. Feline behavior is all about the flicks, twitches, and swoops. When you give your cat the perfect amount of attention, she’ll come to you with a little flatter, a little higher-pitched, and a lot more playful.

Readily Available Food & Water

If you’re able to keep your indoor cat fed and watered, she’ll be more likely to run and explore the world around her. This is especially important if your indoor cat is a doe. If she’s drinking from a fenced-in stream, you’re doing her a big favor by letting her run wild. Feral doe cats will always crave water, and the water in a fenced-in stream is a big no-no. Give your indoor cat fresh vegetables once a week. This will make her much more likely to explore the outside world and interact with people again.

Food & Water Ratio

We’ve all heard the saying “it takes too much energy to live on one plate,” right? The Convention against the Food and Animal decontamination (CFOA) movement has been around since 1976, but it’s become even more relevant as we get closer to our centenarian year. The CFOA movement wants to make it easier for people to physically and psychologically remove foods from their diet that contain animal products.

The ideal situation would be for everyone in your household to consume no more than two meals per day. But in reality, if you feed your indoor cat two meals a day, she’ll likely be too busy running around and eating everything in sight. The best solution is to feed your indoor cat two meals per day, one after she has her bedtime, and one in the morning. This is how you keep your indoor cat healthy and happy.

Water Tolerance

Your indoor cat may not be a fan of running in water. This is normal, and you can usually tell by her reaction. But when you keep your indoor cat out of the tub and the water is too small to drink, she’ll be less likely to explore the outdoors. This is actually a great idea. If your indoor cat is not a fan of running in water, you can always add her indoor drinking water bottle to her tank. This will give her a good, drinkable supply of clean, hot water.




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